PXP Predator Carburetor
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Callie's Kustoms is your supplier for Predator Carburetors, rebuild kits & other Predator accessories. These are brand new parts made in the USA! Some quantities are limited so order yours today! Order a couple spares because at Callie's Kustoms shipping is FREE! Looking for a Predator part you don't see here? Contact us, we can usually get our hands on it!

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Brand new Predator Carburetor rebuild kits! These rebuild kits are for the Predator carb model 6000 PXP and PXI with or without the idle circuit. This is a NEW manufacture factory rebuild kit, not some dried out kit that's been sitting for the last 20 years. All the parts are included to get your old Predator back in tip top condition. Includes instructions, cutaway diagram and Predator sticker.

You probably already know these rebuild kits are nearly impossible to find. Even if your carb is in good condition you should have one of these kits on hand. You will eventually need one. The Predator is very easy to work on and most anyone can rebuild one of these carbs. If you have an old Predator or have bought a used one, do yourself a favor and rebuild it so you can take advantage of all the performance this carb has to offer.



Predator Carburetor
Overhaul Kit $99.95
The Overhaul kit contains everything that the rebuild kit does plus a new fuel metering block and spray bar. Also includes a Predator sticker.
Predator Carburetor Holley Edelbrock Barry Grant
Predator Carburetor
Rebuild Kit only $84.95
Predator Fuel Cam
Set $34.95

Brand new Predator 6000 PXP Carburetor
These units are BRAND NEW, manufactured less than a month ago. These are not some dried out oxidized junk pulled off a wrecked car.  If you need a serious carburetor for your Hot rod, Drag Racer, Mud Truck, Boat or any high performance application then look no further.  These carbs are the very best in terms of HP, Torque and instant throttle response. They have enjoyed a cult following and for good reason. The only problem is over the last 5 years they have become impossible to find.
The Predator is a totally unique, incredibly simple variable venturi carb design they will flow between 390-930 CFM! and do so automatically. As a result your engine will never be under or over carbed. One key benefit is when you upgrade your engine you won't have to change carbs. Say you want to add a supercharger or draw through Turbo. No problem, use the same carb! Tuning is SIMPLE! and they STAY in tune.

Predator Carburetor Holley Edelbrock Barry Grant

Universal design can be used on both holley square flange and factory style spread bore intake manifolds. No Jets to change, No leaking power valves, and no internal gaskets to go bad. Because of the simple design rebuilding is also a snap and can be done by just about anyone.
Shipping info. We do our best to ship within 1-2 business days but delays can happen. These will be shipped in a Flat Rate USPS box (not the original Predator box) to save you about $15 in shipping. Postal insurance is included.  International shipping will be about $60 but please email us first.
The PXP is the Race series model for High performance use. If you would prefer a more street friendly version the PXI model with the idle circuit is available below.


Predator carb fuel cams for the 6000, PXP, and PXI, with or without the idle circuit. These are brand new Predator manufactured fuel cams. These are used to fine tune your fuel mixture. These are a must have when dialing in your carburetor. Changing fuel cams takes about 5-10 minutes. Just take the back cover off and remove the one Phillips head screw holding it in place.

This kit is numbered 1-3. Number 1=stock, number 2=10% richer and number 3=15% richer. We have been using #3 for E85 and its actually running better than gas. **Please note I can't guarantee your results when running E85 so please do some research**

If you are looking at this you probably know these fuel cams are the first thing that is lost and finding a replacement is nearly impossible. When is the last time you found one for sale?

Predator Carburetor Manual $5
1.5" dia
1/8 NPT threads (standard)
0-30 PSI
Chrome basket
A must have for any Predator owner especially for only $5
Bell Crank Kit
1-3 Fuel Cam Set
Forward or Reverse

Predator Linkage kits for Forward or Reverse Fuel Bowl.
*NOS-May have spotting or surface rust*


Same specs as the PXP Carb, but with an idle circuit.
Predator Sticker $1
A great little add-on for only $1
Barb Fitting $10.95


Front Dust Cover $39.95

PXI Predator Carburetor
Fuel float for gas or alcohol  $16.95

AN Adapter $10.95

Fuel Inlet Value $29.95

This is a VERY RARE Predator fuel pressure gauge made by NOSHOK of Germany. Our understanding is Predator bought some of these and they got stuck in the back of a warehouse. They were never offered commercially for resale. These are brand new old stock and in 100% working condition. As you may know fuel pressure gauges are very important in tuning and for safety on any high performance engine.
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Fuel Pressure Gauge $35.95